Faecal worm egg laboratory analysis

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According to the recommendations, the need for parasitic eradication of adult horses is assessed e.g. on the basis of faecal worm egg analysis. Faecal testing is a key study of targeted parasite control in accordance with the recommendations*. Test results can be used to select the right product, target treatment effectively and check the effectiveness of the selected product after treatment.

Matokatsaus sold by restailers. Analysing laboratory Movet.

Instructions for laboratory testing of worm eggs

Movet is responsible for the quality of the analysis if the sampling, storage and sending have been carried out in accordance with the enclosed instructions. Movet´s responsibilities are limited to re-analyzing, either from the same or a new sample. Movet is not liable for consequential damages.

*Source: SEP ry, 2016. Recommendation for internal parasite control of horses by Finnish association of veterinary practitioners

Further information

Modified McMaster (quantitative) method for detecting  Strongyle type eggs (Strongylus-, Trichostrongylus, Triodontophorus and Cyathostominae nematodes) 

Other species detected 

Unit: epg (eggs per gram in faeces)

In addition, the sample is visually observed for pinworms and fractions of tapeworms.